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"My child is learning discipline, respect, and the martial arts way, every class begins and ends with a bow.”

“For my kids, this is the activity that really stuck for them. They have fun, learn something and are getting in great shape.”

“Entering my forties I was overweight, on facing medication for high cholesterol and didn’t have an activity outside work. By chance I got introduced to Sensei Kromka and Karate and it has transformed my life. I lost 50 pounds, don’t need meds, and feel great. I plan to do karate in to my 80s.”

Master Instructor

Steve trombley - 7th dan kyoshi

Sensei Trombley has been active in the Martial Arts continuously since 1963, when he began his training in Judo (under Sensei Frank Hatashita, who holds 3rd Dan), Shotokan karate (JKA) and Okinawan Goju. He has studied the Matsubayashi Shorin-ryu system for 30 years and trains under Master Takayoshi Nagamine.

Owner and Lead Instructor

Jordan Du Val - 3rd Dan

Jordan an experienced personal trainer, has been studying Matsubayashi-Ryu under  Steve Trombley, 7th Dan Kyoshi, Phil Kromka 6th Dan, Renshi, Steve Trombley 7th dan, Kyoshi, Steve Gospe, 4th Dan, Keith Wong, 4th Dan, and Josh Sadof, 2nd Dan.